The extreme climatic conditions in the Alps inspired the Tyrolean manufacturer ADLER to develop coatings that protect wood from external stress. More and more experts swear by Tyrolean quality: knowledge, experience and competence for the preservation of Alpine wood.

ADLER has been a pioneer in the field of waterproof window coating systems for 40 years. It offers its customers coating solutions that achieve high stability, resistance and long-term durability using the latest technologies.

ADLER swears by the three-layer protection of wooden windows. ADLER window coatings thus ensure the highest quality and efficient processing. What’s more, ADLER is also friendly to the environment: due to the company’s ecological awareness, it also contributes significantly to its preservation.

White insulating primer for the covering system

Transparent DSL coating for windows and doors

Covering DSL coating for windows and doors

Transparent metallic DSL coating for windows and doors

Medium-layer window protection system

Oil for the protection of wooden windows and doors with the possibility of spraying (SQ) and pouring (TQ)

Transparent coating for wood-aluminum windows

Set for maintenance of transparent windows.

Set for maintenance of transparent windows

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